About Me

What I Write About


I like to say that my stories are about strong women, weak preachers, and brave Marines. Whenever I can, I bring them all together, mostly in the South. My South is, in part, the rural South. So, for some of my stories I invented Nall County, Alabama. However, I have a particular feel for the industrial South, especially the steel mills, coal mines, and city streets in or near Birmingham. I didn’t need to invent Birmingham. I don’t shy away from humor, life, death, or authentic language. Here is what I’ve produced, so far.

I’ve recently started a new novel, Kaiten.  It represents a departure from my usual Southern setting. This time, I’m telling a story set in Okinawa, a story that begins in World War Two and ends during the Vietnam War. But, true to form, it’s populated with strong women and brave Marines (no weak preachers, so far).